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Nov 6, 2012 9:00am EST
isn't thh only state with ssme sex marriaae on the ballot today.voters in maine and washington state will also get to cast theii vooessonn whether orrnot to legalize it innthhir states.if it passes in any of the three states.. t would be the irst time .. same sex marrragee as made legal by popular vooe.court orders have madd it legal in six ssates so far. voterr in three states will and wwshington would allow on - adults to poseesssmaal amounts subject to state regulation and taxes. &p a nevada wwman is facing for trying to vote twice. can see roxannee rubin being taken away by federal ageens... affer fellow voter tipped of the rubin is charged with one in the same's a class d felony... which firefighters are on the scene of a alarm fire in fells point.the fireebroke out just before 5 this morning on south broadway.. but firefighters are still working on putting out hotspots.the fire departmentttells us it's a vacant 5 story commercial report of any injuries at this time. 3 a philldelphii eagles player plays "possum"... in a surprising n-f-l pla
Nov 5, 2012 9:00am EST
-to--eaa, just one of washington's completely unssientific, yet tottlly deliciius presidential going to have big event here close we are to reality.. at the occidennal grill, diners m&m cookies, one of michelle - obama's white & darkkchocolate ccip cookies, and a ballot. say mrs. romneyys cookie took - the lead for tte first ime, after her usbann's performance at the first presidential deeatt.... tte obama logo, the romneyylogoo elephants and donkeys, and vote 2012 neutral stamps as well. at the sweet lobby,, cupcakessand ookies re decked out electiin-styll, wiih a tally updated on people appreciate he levitt of it, the lighttess of it. bacc at tte lincoln, a sppcial &ppleetion night menu features dishes inspired by thee candidate's favorite foods -- &pmeatloafffor mitt romney,, obama -- perhaps somethiin dnt they could both endorse, no matter who tastee victory on tuesday. in washington, i'm karin caifa.. -----end----- cnn.scriit----- &up next... why you might want you see.. with a mouutache. you''e watthing fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4)) we got better tv, better phone, b
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
nioe y l trr qa maryland, maine, minnesota and washington state. the u-s border patrol is rrleasing thissvideo... of one illegally cross he us-mexiio border in aaiza.suspected orrer enne... using afoii makeshift ramp tuesday. patrrlling agentt spotted them... while it waa happening. the jeep got stuck... as you can see... and thh suspects ran back into mexico. rihanna is trying &pto lure n fans....with limited edition of her latest a. "unapologetii"... comes in a -or eeexact. 40-pageecustom notook from the singer... cootaiiing written noteeto fanss.. a t-ssirt... a -s-b drive... aa other items. thh album will bb released november 19th. 3&coming up... up... it's the news we've been inside of this cake... will e - insievval the geedee of our e - exxeutive producer's baby. &pboyyorra ggrl.we're goinggto cut into it d find o... yr hioxgorom ((k e. ((break 5)) 3 ((toss to weatherr) ((ad lii mmteooologist))((ad lib ((addlib meteorollgist)) 3 weather kid tease ((toss tt weather)) 3 p(ad lib ))((break 5)) meteooologist)) 3 peather kid teasee- p.mup-pup...coming up... up...there they
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am EST
... house minooityy a major announcement on er ke - washington... to dissuss ce in - whether she ntendd to stay on as he house democratic leader. ten years ago today. the &pcalifornia democrat mmde history as the first woman toyott is recalling more than 3 2-point-77million ehhcles waaer pump problem.the recall includes the prius hybrid... corolla..... and other mmdels producee in japannfrom the year 20000to 2012.this is the in recent months.the company sayy owners that are affecced will be notiiied by mail next month. pf you're ii a relationshhp n extra page with your name on ii... that you never knew about.turnssout... the social mediaasite is takkng information about userr whh are in a relationshhp... andd cceatinn detaiis &pyouu shhred ppsts andd both tagged ii. a new sandwich shop in boston &pis making nationall headlines... for its choice of . location."the earl of &psandwich" chain opened up sho on monnay... on the boston puiiling was built in the t - p9-20's as √°bathroom√°... unused for several decades. the sandwich coopany paad to renovate tte building... and 5
Nov 7, 2012 9:00am EST
commng to washington. d.od morning joel d..- 3 &psome americans had the opportunnty to ccst their pnusual places tuesday.ty - tuesday. in san francisco... aahandful of locals got to vote at a columbariuu... which is a building housinn uuns holding the ashes of the deceased. in chicago... a pplling station was set up onntheetop floor of a 43-story skyscraperr peterson says: "i kind of like it. theeoccupants here are very, very qqiit. they bother n" francisco... aapollinn station inside a launnromat.and in venice beach... residents weee able to vote at he lifeguard'' station bbfore hitttng the surf. coming up....heeping pets... deaa with allergies.that's a queetion aacoupll of ourr viewers want anssered. stuuio tt answer that... plus other questions you ay have. just call he number on your screen... 411-481-4545. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) nn!nn!n!n!n! 3 ((ad lib 3pmettorologist)) coming up... monitor a water mainnbreak in downtown baltimore.the big concerns officials have at this hour. 3aad our pet xpert is back in studio... to answee your ques
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5